new daily routine:

a haiku every day, in word and image

during April 2024 on Joss paper

after that we'll see what kind of paper I am going to use

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groepstentoonstelling in de Synagoge Buren

Kniphoek 14  4116 BX Buren

Aukje Rammelt   Laura Krah   Saskia van Herwaarden

 23 – 24 – 25 februari 2024 van   13 – 17 uur

een kleine impressie van mijn werk dat vanaf morgen te zien is in de Synagoge: veel nieuw werk, veelal op papier; check ook mijn blog tales from the birdhut

mijn wunderkammer in Galerie Brandstof 13 mei – 11 juni 2023

na dieren volgen mensen, althans menselijke figuren
‘animystical beings’ heb ik ze ook wel genoemd
en ik vul boeken, boekjes met tekeningen collages notities, korte verhalen door met losse letters te drukken
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As I was browsing through a recent copy of Country LivingUK magazine, my eye fell upon Francesca Kaye's vibrant handpainted stoneware platter. Eager to learn more about this artist I googled her and found her Instagram page, where I saw her version of the Mexican Tree-of-life candelabra's I knew so well from my youth. All of a sudden an old love was rekindled: Mexican tree-of-life candelabra's my dad used to bring back from businesstrips as presents for my mother. As I child I had always loved these cheerful candle holders and whilst we were tidying up our parents' home after their deaths last year, I took the objects back to my home. Years ago they had already inspired the countless oil on panel tree-of-life paintings I then made. Now I paint with my watery inks on hand-made papers and am especially fascinated by the graphic quality of the 'backsides' of the trees, reminding me of the skeleton trees in our garden and nearby Lingebos during Winter. I have fallen in love all over again......

loads of new work on paper, in some cases using indigo and vert froid pigments on cotton paper from Sennelier and stamps from Le Tampographe Sardon, all recently purchased in Paris; more background info on my blog here, here and here

alsook kleiner werk op allerlei maten papier: restjes inkt, restjes verf, restjes papier

two short video's while I paint, the first with my bamboo tripod

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Beasties Birthday Calendar

here are several examples 

the calendar is for sale in my SHOP

over the last couple of weeks I have been making ink-wash paintings and collages simultaneously and mixing everything up, some of the ink-wash critters were cut out and used in the collages with wallpaper cards gouache

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the collages have become three-dimensional, tiny theaters

three posts on my blog offer more info: 

Me & my Baby

Give Peace a Chance

magic words

a box full of old letters & numbers

a box full of inspiration!

I am filling old, crammed and new, empty sketchbooks with drawings, paint (natural) inks numbers letters, paper of manifold thickness, old postcards, stamps; old leather bound books get illustrations 

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hare telling a tale

ambition looks in the glass




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A photo-album we found during the big tidy-up in our parents' house; we have no idea what it's for and suspect it came from our grandparents on dad's side, possibly our gran collected the images. They look like examples of poses made by many different photographers, often their studio names are printed on the back. I have appropriated this book with it's contents and paint over the images with East-Indian ink and gouache

I call it metamorphoses or transformations

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this is my contribution to the group exhibition in De Pluk, 'what we take with us and what we can afford to leave behind' 

In the last year I have lost both parents within a space of three months. People say:

'they reached a ripe old age'

'better like this than the other way around'

.....yeah right, whatever

I miss them

All I have left are memories


handsewn mother-apron and vintage child's apron, photo from the 70ties

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I've recently become enamoured by mycelium mycelium

the start of a new project: studying and researching mycelium, letting it grow......
not on my own but with a -up till now- small group of local like-minded artists 
I made an image of my bare feet on a tree trunk
to mark this new phase in my life
the wood will slowly rot and become of the earth again, in part, or maybe completely, thanks to fungi
fungi are amazing!
am reading Merlin Sheldrake’sEntangled LifeHow Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures’
every paragraph, almost every sentence I've read so far is chock-a-block with exciting information and facts about fungi.....this makes for s l o w reading

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The Dwelling


On the Westwall of my studio there hangs a doll-house. After a move from the East, this dwelling has been transformed from a long, vertical multi-floored house with extensions to a square construction with French doors.

It's many inhabitants are Beings who have travelled here from all over the world in search of a safe-haven.

Some are here to stay, others are just passing through.

I record their stories on my weblog Tales from the Birdhut.

If you click on the label 'dwelling' in the blog, you'll discover the many posts where you can read all about their big and small adventures.

I wish you loads of reading fun.