WELCOME to my site. As my company name implies, my business consists of two main lines of activity: the making of art objects and tidying up in your home. In the latter case I will also make a personal object for you, a so-called 'Tangible Memory '©


I make objects and drawings from things I happen upon. I love wood, paper, cloth and natural materials. I enjoy mixing my media. Recently I have been painting ink-drawings, mainly of birds and dogs in all kinds of poses. experimenting with book-binding and researching mysterious mycelium.........more background-info on my blog

you are one click closer to a tidy home

'Saskia asked clear and concrete questions, helping me decide what I wanted to do about certain items and encourage my family members to either get rid of stuff or keep it. Within a couple of hours she managed to reinstate order, I regained peace of mind and we can now walk in the attic once more.' Nathalie Leenen, Gorinchem January 2020

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