'The Dwelling' an extraordinary doll's house

Once upon a time.....

.......this is how many a fairytale starts and the stories about those creatures who inhabit 'The Dwelling' that started in February 2014 on my weblog 'Tales from the Birdhut' is most assuredly a fairytale. A fairytale to which new chapters are infrequently added as the Dwellers continue to enjoy new adventures. Moreover, every so often a new comer knocks on the studio door, wanting to join the ever expanding group! As long as there are tales to tell, I will keep on recording them.

I have kept a blog since 2011 called ‘Tales from the BirdHut. The main language is English as the first online group I participated in has members spread out all across the globe and our shared lingua franca is English.

I hope one day to publish a book, maybe even several, with their stories. For the time being it is still a Project!

For now, you can read all about the Dwellers on my blog under the labels 'project'and 'fairytale', safe travels.


How did you get started tidying up in other people's homes?

It all started with tidying up in our parent's house, where I helped out my mum and dad in turn in their respective rooms and cupboards.....During this intimate process they shared many stories and anecdotes. Whilst they are still alive this will continue. With leftover fabric from a bed sheet I made a small pillow, what I call a 'Tangible Memory’© a physical expression of the process. The small pillow contains many stories, stories I record. Over the course of time their friends got interested in my tidy-up services. This is how I got to thinking there might be a business opportunity here. The combination of tidying up and making theTangible Memory '© is where both my worlds collide neatly.

Any future plans?

I would like to publish a book titled 'Ons bezit bezit ons © 'Our Possessions Possess Us' (it sounds better in Dutch!) The book will contain stories clients are willing to share, together with images of their 'Tangible Memories'©. Who knows this might lead to an exhibition with the'Tangible Memories'© and the book.

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