Gedurende 2021 ben ik op opruimgebied uitsluitend bezig geweest met het opruimen van ons ouderlijk huis in Maastricht. Onze ouders overleden kort na elkaar en er bleef een huis vol herinneringen en spullen achter, zij hadden er 50 jaar gewoond! Het huis moest ook ‘verkoopklaar‘ worden gemaakt en is inmiddels met succes verkocht.

"The nice thing about Saskia, my tidy-up coach, is that she approaches the tidying up with patience, love, intelligence and a sense of humour. She offers me space to share all kinds of stories, because many objects have a history. I am eternally grateful to her. I cannot burden my children with all of this tidying up business. Our generation has too much stuff as it is. " Emmy Verhey in Trouw  november 2019

'Her manner of tidying-up gave my cupboards ánd my head space. She also took the useful stuff straight away with her to De Geefwinkel. Sas, thanks so much for you 'tidy gaze' upon my house and my life.' Marjan Heikens Gorinchem, January 2020

Ik heb heel veel geleerd, over mezelf, maar ook over opruimen, hoe pak je zo’n groot project aan? Er valt van alles te verkopen via de juiste kanalen: (kunst)boeken, kunstobjecten en bric-á-brac, en er viel veel weg te geven, dat lukte bijvoorbeeld via een Facebook hulp groep.

Is the house full of stuff, are the cupboards overflowing? Have you forgotten where things are, or is there no room to display your precious objects?

You find you are unable to tackle the chaos on your own.......this is where I come in.

Together we can bring order and tranquility back into your life by tidying up side by side. It is important to know this does not mean we have to throw anything away if you do not want to. Sometimes a different layout is enough to offer a tidy feeling.

How do we start?

After contact via email and/or telephone, you can use the button below, we make an appointment for me to visit you at your home. This visit is free of charge.

During this first visit we will check out your needs and wishes. We will also discuss rates and arrange for one or more tidy-up dates.


  • tidying up from attic to cellar and everything in between
  • a personal, tailor-made plan
  • take out stuff you want to get rid of to rubbish tip/municipal waste facility/geefwinkel
  • bekijken of en wat er verkocht kan worden

in the oneandahalfmeter-economy working outdoors is not a problem

I can come and help you with garden-tidyup-activities 


€29,95 incl 21 % VAT

plus any travel expenses

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