‘On Yonder Hill’ is mede geïnspireerd door een lied van Sam Lee

This piece consists of 2 to 3 layers* of cloth, and contains a variety of techniques: the black flowers are from a woodcut I bought many, many years ago when we still lived in Amsterdam and the vague blue print with a hare is one of my own lino cuts, both have been printed using commercial textile inks; the greyish fabric has been home-dyed. The neat finish on both sides means it can hang in space as well as against a wall. Everything has been hand sewn.

* all cotton/linen/silk is recycled: old bed linen or clothing from my own cupboards or gifts from generous donors, spread around the globe; in some cases fabric from sample books

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ca 20 x 28 cm

€ 50,00

9% VAT included, postage not included, click on 'contact' for more info and how to order

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